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Our Player Package

Our Player Package Includes:

Player Package: 2 Professional CASV Baseball Jerseys * CASV Baseball Cap * 2 Pairs of Socks * CASV Warm up Jacket * Three meals a day * Air-Conditioned Bunkhouse * Ticket to the National Baseball Hall of Fame * Induction into The Cooperstown Youth Baseball Hall of Fame * Hall of Fame Ring * Team Uniform Laundry Service  (Day 2 thru Day 5) * Secondary Team Insurance * 7 Tournament Games (Weather Permitting)

As part of your player package we include laundry service for uniforms (home and away CASV jerseys, socks and baseball pants only). This DOES NOT include warm up jackets, sliding shorts, athletic protectors/ supporters, heart guards or undershirts. These personal items can be washed in our public laundry room which is open 24/7.

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