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    Contact Information

    Martin P. Patton

    President/ Owner 

    Phone: 800-327-6790 EXT:260

    Email: mpattoncasv@gmail.com


    Brenda A. Patton 

    Owner/ Secretary/ Treasurer

    Phone: 800-327-6790 EXT: 243


    Virginia Perez 

    Family Hotel Reservations

    Phone:800-327-6790  EXT:245

    Email: hotel@cooperstownallstarvillage.com


    Hunter Grace

    Baseball Administrator/ Team Booking

    Phone: 800-327-6790 EXT:337

    Email: huntercasv@gmail.com


    Oscar Carrillo 

    Baseball Director 

    Phone: 800-327-6790

    Email: oscarrillo25@gmail.com


    CASV Infirmary

    Phone: 800-327-6790 EXT:391


    FAX: (607) 432-1076

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