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Cooperstown All Star Village Announces Extended Office Hours

Effective November 19, 2020, hours of operation for the Cooperstown All Star Star Village will change:

As the Cooperstown All Star Village continues to grow each year we must continue to meet the expectations of our Teams, Coaches, Parents and Umpires. With the increase in new teams and registrations we have decided to extend our business office hours. We hope the new time will be more convenient to our customers and allow us to provide a better service to you. This adjustment will better help our Teams, Coaches, Parents and Umpires with there questions for the upcoming 2021 season.

New Hours

Mon-Fri    9:00AM-9:00PM Eastern Time
Saturday    NOON-4:00PM Eastern Time

We would like to thank all our Teams, Coaches, Parents and Umpires for your continued support.

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