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Welcome Teams and Their Families.
For everyone’s well- being Cooperstown All Star Village requires you to meet the health and safety standards set forth by the CDC, and our State and local Health Department of Health.

Health Attestation
By entering Cooperstown All Star Village, you are affirming that you do not have or are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19; you have not had close contact with anyone who has had symptoms of Covid-19; and you have not traveled here from anywhere that requires quarantine. By visiting Cooperstown All Star Village, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure of Covid-19.
Prior to arrival  You will be required to have a negative covid test prior to arrival (72 hours)  or proof of Covid-19 vaccine. On our web site please print off the Covid-19 arrival check list, one copy completely filled out and signed to be handed to one of our team members that will ask for it before you park your vehicle. Wearing a mask, social distancing of six (6) feet and hand washing is recommended at all times.

Opening Day Arrival, you will see our large digital sign directing you to pull into our Chestnut Street parking lot F entrance on the directory. You will proceed to the checkpoint tents located between lot E and Lot F. While staying in your vehicle and wearing mask, all passengers will give our staffers the signed arrival covid-19 check list, proceed to park and unload your vehicle and take our shuttle to the main village.

While at Cooperstown All Star Village – Safety Precautions
∙       Face masks are required in all indoor public spaces; your nose and mouth must be covered (this may change as many states are not requiring masks)
∙      We recommend face masks when outdoors only when social distancing is not possible (coaches, umpires, must always mask, players must mask when in the dugouts) more rules for teams under our Team section
∙       Complimentary face masks are available if needed at our two full-service restaurants and shopping area.
∙       Provide at least six (6) feet of space between you and others
∙       Frequent hand washing with soap and water is recommended
∙       Hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the Village.


Players must mask whenever indoors except while eating meals. Outside; It is recommended that players wear a mask when in the dugout, use their own gear i.e., bat, glove, no sharing of equipment! When taking the field, we recommend players mask unless it’s intolerable. Coaches must always mask while on the field or in the dugout. 

Umpires- must always mask during play.
Bunkhouse- Sleeping in the bunkhouse, some parents have asked if their player can stay off site with them. That is allowed however they must sign them out to leave the Player Village and back in at least one hour prior to game time or whenever the head coach decides depending on the teams plans for that day. Teams should function like one family (cohort) stay together, don’t go into other team’s bunkhouse rooms, social distance (six feet apart) from other teams, use your mask to move about the Player village.
Showers- shower with swim trunks, we recommend using your mask to and from showers back to bunkhouse. Don’t mask while in the shower.

Team Meals breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided, meals times will be given to your coaches/counselors, masks must be worn until you are seated and ready to enjoy your meal. Social distancing of at least six feet during meals is expected between teams, two dining areas are available after getting your meal. 
Pin Trading- Players should plan to trade pins as usual outdoors ONLY, we recommend wearing a batting glove keeping in mind social distancing is recommended as much as possible while masking at all times.

Umpire Meals breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided, meals times will be given to your UC, masks must be worn until you are ready to eat. Social distancing of at least six feet during meals is expected.
On site Restaurants- Both are full-service including serving premium drinks and our own locally brewed beer along with other micro brews from our region. One is located outside overlooking all twelve ballfields, the other is located inside. Both provide flat screen tv’s broadcasting all games live so you don’t miss any of the action. While at these restaurants masking is required until you are seated and you need to mask whenever you leave your table. Our menu consists of All American fare, i.e. fresh Maine lobster rolls, prime burgers with our fresh cut fries, assorted salads, pizza just to name a few.

Visiting the National Baseball Hall of Fame- We provide all players, coaches and umpires a ticket to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. The hall has set aside special times for our All Star participants to enjoy the rich history of baseball, this information will be shared with the head coach at our coaches meeting on Saturday. Currently, Cooperstown has a mask ordinance in place. If this changes we will post updates as we get them.

 Finally, as our country continues to get vaccinated restrictions have been eased allowing all of us to get back to normal. Our goal is keeping you safe, you are responsible to follow the rules set forth by the CDC, local and state regulations, as we move forward these rules will be updated here on our website. That’s good news for all of us but, we must still respect the science and follow the rules of our state. 
There is a risk of COVID-19 exposure in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is highly contagious and can lead to illness and death. For more information, please reference the CDC website.
Thank you for your supporting our health and safety initiatives. For more information, please visit . Enjoy your time at Cooperstown All Star Village.   

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